How do you keep your MacBook Pro screen clean?

I recently purchased a MacBook Pro 15” Retina w/ Touch Bar and while I have never touched the screen, the screen is a dotted mess. I’m assuming this is finger grease transferring from the keys to the screen when I close the lid. Does anyone have a good way of preventing this from happening besides using gloves while i’m typing?

Nope. But at some point you just stop to care. It is my machine for work, and not for showing off. I’ve cleaner mine maybe half a year ago? Would be time again :slight_smile:

I use a cover for the keys that I order from shaggymax. I also use Optimist Prime for a periodic cleaning. This usually keeps the screen in good shape.

I keep a box of screen wipes in my desk to clean off my iPad and MacBook periodically - probably about twice a week, or when it starts to REALLY irritate me.

Why can’t Apple produce a glass laptop screen instead of the same scratch prone plastic year after year? I’d vote for a touch UI for MacOS just to get the same screen quality we get on iOS.

I have screen wipes that I use with all my devices, and glasses. They come in handy and I think they are cheap. The one I use is called Optico from Costco.

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