How do you manage browser bookmarks and tabs

I’m trying out Workona this morning and liking it quite a bit.

Yesterday, I tried Toby and liked that a lot too, but not as much as Workona.

Both Chrome-only, so Safari folk are outta luck.

How do you manage bookmarks and tabs?

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Safari user here. I use Safari’s sidebar to curate bookmarks.


After moving everything into 1password I launch just about everything that requires a log in from there. So my use of favourites/bookmarks fell off a cliff at that point. I recently cleaned up my old collection and am working only from favourites bar that shows up on a blank tab.

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I tend to use Safari Pins almost exclusively. I don’t have a need for many bookmarks but some pages I want quickly. I clean up the pins from time to time.

Safari here:
All new bookmarks get automatically put in an Inbox folder that I clean out at least once a month. Many get deleted, some end up as project support materials and others are stored in DEVONThink notes as cool things I don’t wnat to forget. If I think it’s really important I clip the web page. Had far too many useful things become unavailable or go away now. Clippings are stored in DT.

Tabs are for what I’m currently browsing or the results of opening one of the bookmark bar sets.

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Tabs that I want to read later are sent to Instapaper.

Sometimes I have a bunch that belong together that I quickly want to save. In that case I have an AppleScript (Alfred action) that saves every tab in the window in a Markdown list.

And for “normal” bookmarks I use Pinboard, where I can tag the bookmarks.

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I also liked Workona best, but it brought my 2015 iMac to its knees with memory consumption so I had to give it up.

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