How do you organize tasks, files, emails and notes?

How do you keep all your systems synchronized? Work for me fits into four different systems.

  1. FILES: iCloud, DropBox and work is forcing me to use OneDrive now, too.
  2. EMAILS: Work making us use Outlook, which is mostly fine but it doesn’t allow URL’s to messages.
  3. NOTES: Obsidian
  4. TASKS: in Things

Each of these systems has a set of folders within folders. A particular project may contribute to several of these buckets. I may get a few emails with instructions or attachments, take notes on these, then derive a set of tasks, etc.

Seems like a lot of systems to keep organized. Does anyone have a way to synchronize this or is it just a manual process?


FILES: iCloud
EMAIL: Airmail
NOTES: Currently migrating from Evernote to Apple Notes
TASKS: Omnifocus
CALENDAR! Fantastical

Maybe I don’t understand the question, but all of the systems, you mentioned, are normally syncing themself. So there is pretty much nothing you have to do about the synchronization, beside enabling it within each system.

Do the areas/projects and folders in folders match up in tasks, email, files and notes – how do you keep everything connected? For me they are four disconnected systems.

I was trying using callback-url links in Things, Mail and Obsidian.

Obsidian for all of these since 2020!

I used to think about these issues a lot. I don’t anymore. I’m not sure what changed. I think I use links and search and it “just works.”

There’re times when it takes a while to find things, sure. But I think it’s still less overhead than the cost of procrastinating by trying to build the “perfect” system.


Files: Onedrive
Emails: Outlook
Tasks: Things / Microsoft ToDo (Work)
Notes: In flux between obsidian and evernote - looking for an option.

files : iCloud and Google drive
email : currently Mailmate
tasks : goodtask and reminder
Notes: Obsidian, Upnote and

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I know what you mean and my solution to this has been using Hookmark. I use the same apps as you and work is also pushing Outlook on us, but I still use Apple Mail, which is why I can create links from mails as well (this isn’t YET possible in Outlook, but they have been promising AppleScript for a long time). So by creating a note in Obsidian with Hookmark links to all the different apps is working out quite good for me.

Ok, now I understand, and I do it also via links (either from the App itself, or via Hookmark), that I then collect within Obsidian.
I created a form there, with all the different possible sources preset, so I could just use the form to set up a new project within Obsidian, and then fill out the blank spaces there, with the links.
That form helps me to not miss an important link on a project.

I wouldn’t count on that. If AppleScript (which dates back to System 7) had a future, why did Apple get rid of their Product Manager of Automation Technologies in 2016?

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn Applescript was left for dead back at 1 Infinite Loop.

For any significant project, I create a project in Things and a project note in Obsidian. They are both linked to each other. Files I keep in iCloud, I have a pretty flat folder structure, mostly rely on search to find things. But I’d say most of the information I need is in Obsidian.

Do you use it for tasks as well? I’ve been trying tasks in it, and it works well for capturing the actions from meetings, but I struggle with others.

Depends on what you mean by “task.”

I track things like “Put out the garbage” in Due, because I don’t have very many of them, they’re all pretty regular, they don’t get changed very often, and I want to be annoyed until I do them.

Most other things I track as tasks in projects, in a GTD sense, following this principle:

I.e., I create notes for different projects, put any tasks and ideas about them in those notes, drop the notes in a big Kanban status board, and keep up a rough/good-enough review practice.

For any given project, though, the only task that actually truly matters is whatever the topmost one is. Often that task is just “Keep writing.” And usually the only projects that matter are the top ten or so.

This has been better for me than trying to atomize everything I want to do in strict, object-oriented task statements, then juggling all of those in OmniFocus and the like.


Seems like pulling all incomplete tasks into one note would be a good use for the dataview plugin.

I’m really starting to consider using Obsidian as a task manager as well, however it’s a few more steps to get to the list of tasks as compared to Reminders or Things.

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Thanks for the insight.

For me it’s the tracking of minor but necessary tasks that need to be done, such as following up on emails and the tasks that generally grease the wheels of work (or at least stop issues becoming train wrecks taking up more time).

I think in reality, it’s not the tracking system, it’s my adherence to checking the tasks list that I currently need to work on.

For what it’s worth, Shortcuts is a great way to get things like this set up. I’ve been building one that creates a project in Things, a tag and a starting communication log in Drafts, links between them, a set of nested folders in iCloud and, hopefully, a designated folder in Mail.

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  1. FILES: iCloud
  2. Emails: forward to Omnifocus mostly
  3. Notes: any notes that I want to preserve in a project will end up as a document in the folder, temporary notes are in Drafts with a heading and eventually end up somewhere else
  4. Tasks: Omnifocus

So far it is up to me to keep this stuff in sync, but I get that an automatic process for creating new folders in the various areas would be a good idea.