How Do You Organize Ulysses The App

Wonder if examples of Ulysses’s organization are of interest. If not, I get to see how Discourse app handles my screenshot. (Looks like it resizes… Yea!)

I use keywords and smart folders to sort ideas.



I like your use of keywords and smart folders! I’m looking to overhaul and organize my Ulysses stuff myself.

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If you’re using it as a note repository I think keywords and smart folders are essential. I use it for reading notes linked from BibDesk, and I have an AppleScript to automatically add the BibDesk keywords to the corresponding Ulysses sheet. For cross-referencing I will either use x-bdsk:// URLs to link to the original BibDesk record or an Alfred workflow based on this script.


A reply to myself — Screenshot of a main writing screen and the far right column. It shows how I store research notes for a post in Ulysses. Though not perfect, it meets my needs. Keywords and word count goals are also shown. Not shown are images kept there to be included in the post — usually i put pictures th body of the post.

Keywords are set for the red highlight. That’s one of several color choices.

The main screen has two block comments that are not seen when I post directly to WordPress. The starters are writing prompts. The check list is a checklist, big surprise. The blue highlighted area is what web links look like.

The rough draft is sharp black. I have set typewriter mode to highlight the paragraph I’m working on. It can set to line or sentence mode.