How do you organize your Apple Music library?

I just realized, that about 20% of my library is songs that I don’t like, but I still keep it as parts of albums that I like overall, so I just wondering, do you only add songs you like to your library, or if there are a few songs you don’t like, but the rest songs are interesting, do you still add the whole album?

I created my own album of one hit wonders so they are corralled there.

I think many albums have songs that we don’t particularly like although we enjoy most of the music. It use to be much harder to escape those songs with 8 tracks (or so I’ve heard, LOL!!) and albums. Now you can just tell Siri to skip any particular song. I enjoy creating my own “mixes” as I’ve a low tolerance for music I dislike. I have SO many playlists I devised that I don’t know what is in most of them but at least the majority of them are full of songs I love. The most amazing aspect is knowing all the lyrics of a song you haven’t heard in decades. Sometimes I add the albums if I love the majority of the songs whereas if it only has one or two I’ll add just the songs to some playlist.

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I treat my music library more as an album collection. Back in the day if an album interested me, I bought it and put it on my shelf. Sometimes it was because I loved the entire album, sometimes because there were enough good songs to justify the cost. If it was good enough to buy, it’s good enough to store in my Apple Library.

Moving forward if there’s an album I would have purchased, I add it to the library. If not, I ask Siri to play the individual song when when the mood strikes. I don’t typically add single songs.


I rarely just add a song, I’m mostly adding albums. I guess that’s just a habit from when I had no choice but to buy the whole album. I have created playlists for albums leaving out the songs I don’t like.


I don’t add albums to my library. I add albums to playlists. I do add the whole album. For some artists I add the Essentials playlist not any albums. Sometimes I add playlists based on mood or holiday or era or genre. In the streaming era, playlists are a useful way of gathering (and sharing) music. Also, if you switch from Apple Music to another streaming service, there are apps and services which can (for a $) transfer your playlists.

I created a detailed taxonomy of metadata that I use (genres, groupings, rating stars, etc.), which enables me to create really useful (for me!) smart playlists. So, like you, I have a bunch of albums that have tracks that I don’t love. I don’t want to remove them for collection purposes, instead, I use codes that exclude them from various playlists.

I also have playlists designed to force me to listen to some of these songs that I don’t love for a period of time so that I can test whether I really dislike the tracks or just haven’t heard them enough to appreciate them.


I love this idea!!

Some of my favorite albums from my childhood I didn’t care for on the first listen, but, because I spent my teenage work money on the LP/Tape/CD :cd:, I’d force myself to spin it at least a few times to give it a chance. 9 times out of 10, by the third listen, certain tracks had really grown on me, maybe even becoming new favorites :notes: