How do you set up Preferences and shortcuts on ‘new’ macs?

This is really a pain every time I have to do this…
Are System Preferences supposed to sync via iCloud? Even though I have the options ticked in iCloud settings and using the same AppleID across all my devices spanning several years, none of my system preferences sync with a new setup. What gives?
Also, how do you manage keyboard shortcuts for all/other apps?
I’m guessing Keyboard Maestro could do this? I got the app a month ago but am yet to start really using it.
BetterTouchTool has Dropbox sync, but I feel like sometimes some of the settings either disappear, or are spread across different ‘sets’ with no way to consolidate and manage them all in one. But lets say that doesn’t happen, is there an easier way to get all shortcuts into BTT than to manually enter each and every one of them?

How about Pages/Keynote/Numbers templates?

In the past I’ve also tried something like Mackup in the terminal, but that has lead to bigger problems like keyboard shortcuts resetting every time i restarted my mac(s).

I wonder if Chronosync or any of the Setapp apps would help…
In general would be great if a new Mac or user account setup and keeping more than one Mac in sync as far as preferences wouldnt be so time consuming…

The Migration Assistant can be used to transfer system preferences.

It’s a bit technical but Mathias Bynens has this .macos file that basically does it all from the terminal. I’ve modified that for my preferences.