How do you transfer copyright from a person to a charity? (UK)

I’ve been asked to help an individual transfer their copyright to a charity. How do I do this?

The person in question is the wife of a public speaker and author. He passed away many years ago and she has been handling his published and unpublished works. She is now over 80 and wishes the material to continue to be available and wants to transfer all copyright to a charity. The material in question contains published works still in print, published works no longer in print. Unpublished works, audio recordings and video recordings.

I’ve looked high and low to find how to do this, but found nothing definitive. This does need to be applicable to British law.

Any signposts or links or advice would be greatly appreciated.

You just need a document of transfer How copyright protects your work: License and sell your copyright - GOV.UK no particular wording as I understand it.

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Thank you for that! So something like:

“I hereby transfer the copyright of the complete corpus of my late husband; John Smith; including all audio, digital, published and unpublished works. I also transfer the copyright of my complete corpus, including all audio, digital, published and unpublished works.”

Yeah, looks good. Make sure it’s witnessed by someone independent too.

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A simple document of transfer may take care of the copyright matter but I don’t see how this will ensure that her husband’s writing continues to be available. I think a consultation with a good lawyer is required.

Admittedly, probably not as popular an author :slightly_smiling_face:, here is an example of the lengths one can go to: