How do you use 1Password Family?

How do you use 1Password Family?

I currently have an 1Password Family subscription with my girlfriend. I want to get the rest of my family on board, starting with my girlfriend’s parents.
Should I just add them to my plan or do thinks get messy? Since we manage their business website there are a couple of passwords we would share, but not many?

Do you just create an independent subscription for everyone or one big family plan?

IMO: since they are your clients (whether you are paid or not), I would suggest individual accounts for all, or the parents could have their own family(business) account together.
From there, shared vaults would give people access to the passwords they need. One for you, one for your girlfriend, and a shared one for the two of you. The parents could do the same, and also create a shared vault for the business.
This gives you good granularity about who has access to what. If the business is sold, or any of the relationships go sideways, etc. fall out should be minimal.

One of the benefits of sharing a Family account is that you can recover your parents’ 1Password accounts, in case they forget their credentials.

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The beauty of the family accounts is easily sharing passwords via vaults. My wife and I share a vault for things between us and we also have a family vault for sharing passwords and other items with the kids. Each person in the family also has their own private vault. It works out well for us.

Hi, @jl_siewert. If you are trusted by all, use the family account. I currently share my family account with my wife and my father-in-law. I am tech support for both of them. After a quick learning period, both of them came to love 1Password. Each of us has a vault with our initials, which is our primary vault. There are also shared vaults for my wife and me, and for all three of us. I avoid the automatically created “personal” vault because it’s less flexible. My wife has rights in all vaults, and as an admin, in case anything happens to me. My father-in-law has rights in his own vault, and the vault we all share. My wife and I are set up to see our own vaults and the two shared vaults by default. Seeing my father-in-law’s vault, and him seeing ours, would be confusing and unnecessary. When I need to provide him with tech support, I can always look at his vault. This setup works very well for all of us.

I have a family subscription for me and my wife and my mom. Because my wife and I share passwords that I do not want to share with my mom (bank accounts, etc.), I don’t use the default Shared vault that everyone has access to. Instead I set up a new Dom and Melanie vault, which has our shared information. So I have my own vault, my wife Melanie has hers, our Dom and Melanie vault, my mom has a vault, and then there’s the empty default shared vault.

When my kids get old enough (not quite ready for the internet yet), I’ll set up vaults for them as well and teach them good password security.