How Do You Use Hookmark in Your Workflow?

I downloaded Hookmark a few weeks ago and have started using it in my workflows. I published a blog post today about my initial experiences.

I’m wondering how other more experienced users are using Hookmark in their workflows?


Nothing brilliant. I like that it mostly fits into what you’re already doing if you like to have dedicated reminders and files. It’s less clunky than trying to maintain a project file or fitting everything into a central all-in-one app (assuming you prefer not to use one.) I guess I like that it makes existing workflows easier to do.

If you haven’t tried it, Hook to New is great. Hit your hook shortcut, then cmd+n to start typing in a new note that’s automatically linked to what you were working on, and automatically fills in any metadata it can about what you’re working on in the note. In Hookmark preferences, you can set what app to pull up and you can create templates for those notes. I just do a plain note in DT that drops into the Inbox, but more is possible.

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@cornchip Great idea! I hadn’t explored “hook to new” yet, but I’ll definitely do some experimenting with it tomorrow.

Thank you.

I’ve been using Hookmark (previously Hook) for several months now. Even though support says it doesn’t hook to emails in your Outbox (emails not sent yet), up until a few weeks ago, I was able to hook to emails in the Outbox and the link directed me to the email even after it was sent. After the last update, I wasn’t able to do this any more. Bummer.

I store project tasks in separate notes in Apple Notes. If there is an email that I need for reference I will add the Hook link into the Apple Note.

Each project also has a project folder. I sometimes create Hook files that link back to emails and save them in the correspondence folder for that project. I can then refer back to the email at a later date if I need to. I used to do this by creating PDFs of the email message and saving them into the project folder. However, I now do this with Hook files.

Reading the two paragraphs above I realise that this might seem like I am doing the same thing in two different ways. From my perspective there is some logic to the process. If the email contains a specific additional task I need to do for that project I add the Hook link to the project note and it gets picked up when I do my weekly review. If the email has some information that I might need to know in the future for a project I save the hook file in the project folder.

I don’t think my use of Hook is that advanced but I have found these two uses to be the ones I make the most use of.

Darran West

I use it to link between Finder, note-application and task manager. All of these is interconnected with links so I easily can jump between the same projects files, notes and tasks.

I use it rather one dimensionally right now, I have an overly complicated Keyboard Maestro script that I use to get an email from Outlook and into Noteplan or Things as a properly formatted task with a link back to the hook’ed email. Until ‘new outlook’ supports Apple script this is a life saver for me.

I forgot to mention emails (also Outlook). I also use hookmark for capturing mails into Things. I went back to “old” Outlook so I could have AppleScript support and therefore Hookmark links.

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So are you linking to sent emails now that you can’t link to the outbox?

Nope. Theoretically, I guess I could wait for the email to send, find it, then Hook it but that takes too much time. Hookmark has become less useful to me.