How do you use JSON in Shortcuts to create projects in Things 3?

I’ve been a long time OF user, but tend to have an urge every 6 months or so to move to Things 3. When I do, I end up going back to OF because of how easy it is to make a custom project template and add it to whatever folder I want via TaskPaper + Shortcuts.

However, I have just started experimenting with JSON (I’m still very much a newbie), and have managed to figure out how to create custom projects using the Culture Code URL generator. I would like to know how to do this in Shortcuts so I can start adding in different variables via input prompts etc. The URL generator takes into account the Things auth-token and converts the JSON into a usable URL for Things, but I don’t yet know how I can do this via Shortcuts.

Any suggestions?

I built a shortcut to do this:

Things 3 Templates

I create the JSON using Culture Code’s tool and then add the url to a dictionary in the shortcut

Sorry, just seen that you were looking to accept user input. This shortcut just runs off of the defined templates, but it could be a starting point

Thanks for this, but yes I would very much like to have user input. It’s a bit tricky to do it once the link as been generated, and I think it needs to be inserted directly into JSON, which is my problem!