How do you use your iPad mini?

I just picked up one of the new iPad minis and I really love the form factor. I already have an iPad 13" and was planning to use my iPad mini as a couch device - controlling the home automation stuff, the TV, my Sonos, etc.

But, I started thinking of a few creative uses - as a screen for my stationary bike or a to-do list on the side of my monitor. I wanted to poll the group for some unique ideas. How do you use your iPad mini?

I too, have an iPad Mini it fits great with the other devices in the house.

I use mine for reading, media consumption, using it for speaking engagements, and when I work out on my elliptical, it’s great and easy to watch a movie or control music

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When I’m delivering a keynote presentation via Zoom, I use my iPad mini as the remote which means that it is easy to annotate slides on the iPad with my Apple Pencil.

In other news, I’m about to do some teaching in Adobe Connect with PowerPoint. I feel as though I’m back in the dark ages LOL.

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I have an old iPad Mini 4, which I’m currently using as a bedside clock/radio and podcast player, along with some journalling and writing apps. I took off a lot of other apps from there, to reduce the amount of time I spent using it to procrastinate. Full details of that, and the reasons why, over on my blog.

I have an old iPad mini from 2013 or so. I use it as an ebook reader. Sometimes I try to do more on it and it reminds me that I really don’t want an iPad mini. So it saves me money, too!

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