How does everyone feel about security of Internet of Things?

I decided to bite the bullet and start jumping into the “smart home” ecosystem. I bought the Phillip’s Hue starter kit and got some bulbs put in. Now, an hour later, all I can think about is “in what ways can someone hack this stuff?” Especially if I start going deeper with other products like locks, and thermostats.

The only thing I can find online about security is just protecting your wireless network with a strong password. I have a 32 character (the max my router will let me put) password protecting my network as is.

What do you guys do to lock down your smart devices? I worry I may find myself returning this starter kit if I can’t get past this hacking anxiety.

I am not interested in having a “smart home” with internet connected thermostat, lights, locks, cameras, voice assistants and appliances due to the inherent “hack-ability” of everything. We have essentially zero privacy when we leave our homes due to cameras being placed at every intersection and in most retail and public environments. I want my home to at least be my one sanctuary from prying eyes and ears.

While security should be taken seriously, the potential for abuse by (ex) partners is greater.

Like you, I have strong passwords. After that, I enjoy my automated devices. I tell Siri to turn on my espresso machine when I’m looking at the button 2 feet away - because I can :slight_smile:
As far as digital locks, locks are only to make us feel secure. If people want in, they will get in. Search for YouTube videos of kicking doors in, using bump keys, etc. or just take precautions and live your life to its fullest, safe in the knowledge that things are safer now than they’ve ever been, and probability is on your side.

Steven Pinker: The heart of the book is a set of graphs showing that measures of human well-being have improved over time. Contrary to the impression that you might get from the newspapers—that we’re living in a time of epidemics and war and crime—the curves show that humanity has been getting better, that we’re living longer, we are fighting fewer wars, and fewer people are being killed in the wars. Our rate of homicide is down. Violence against women is down. More children are going to school, girls included. More of the world is literate. We have more leisure time than our ancestors did. Diseases are being decimated. Famines are becoming rarer, so virtually anything that you could measure that you’d want to call human well-being has improved over the last two centuries, but also over the last couple of decades. ref

Don’t tell the cable news channels. :slight_smile: They depend on the “crisis of the hour” for the ratings.

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Your concern is valid to a point in that the more connected devices you have the more opportunities there are for a breakin. We currently have 52 HUE products, Ring doorbell and floodlight, ADT Pulse security, 2 Ecobee thermostats, various plugs/switches/etc.

This is what I have done to help mitigate some of the anxiety:

  • All firmware is checked for updates weekly - recurring task set up

  • Cable modem password maxed out for length

  • Router password is maxed out for length / separate one for visitors - turned off when not needed.

  • Router SSID is hidden / not broadcasted

  • Everything that can be hardwired is

  • All traffic is routed through VPN

Bro, once you start using the stuff, you’ll change your mind. Being able to unlock the doors, open the garage, or reset the interior temperature from far away is really nice. Granted, I don’t feel the need for connected cameras doorbells, etc., but having remotely operable switches and locks is really nice. The convenience of being able to remotely turn on, off, or monitor various aspects of my home can be very helpful. Just be sensible about it and add things that match your comfort level.

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Thanks for the feedback. :+1: