How does Good Notes handle encryption?

I just finished watching David’s phenomenal webinar on journaling. Talk about chock full of sound information!

I was under the impression that Good Notes is not encrypted.

And I just saw that Day One has an option for Day One plus. I was with that app for a very long time. $50 a year? I was ready to accept $40! David makes It sounds intriguing (I had lost interest too).Then I looked it up to make sure and there’s a $50 per year option. I suppose if one wants a great variety of input that’s what you select. But I’m disappointed about it, quite frankly. I was all ready to ante up.

I can’t answer your question, I don’t know how Good Notes handles it. But since you talked about other stuff…

I have used Day One for over 10 years now, it’s added features over the years, but it’s still basically the same. If you used it before and liked it, then you will still like it. I do really like the “on this day” widgets that show me a picture of what I had posted years ago. For that alone, I would probably give them more money. That said, I am grandfathered in, so I don’t pay a subscription. I expect the new management will expect me to pay again at some point and I am not sure what I will do. I moved my daily journaling to Obsidian, but I still put my “thinking/reflecting” posts in Day One.

$40 vs 50 a year? That’s only $.84 a month.

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Right. You had me stumped on the math to when they took the app out of the Cloud and onto a local server. Just didn’t seem like such a good idea.

So I have been grandfathered in but just relevant to the most basic aspects. It has been a while since I’ve used it. I usually use Agenda and I like NotePlan- for its simplicity.

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GoodNotes does not encrypt anything. It basically stores your files

So, if you have content that needs more security than just that, GoodNotes is not the app for the content.

There is a request for implementing encryption into GoodNotes, but it dates way back to 2013 (Add encryption of data - Ideas for improving GoodNotes). And we have arrived in 2022… So, this may be a request that might not be implemented any time soon. I think that the app’s developers never intended GoodNotes to be an app that contains highly confidential data. Encryption would be nice, but it sure comes with caveats depending how it is being implemented regarding OCR, search and much more.

My solution:

GoodNotes is my go-to app for almost anything in combination with notes that are not so confidential that they need more than iCloud’s encryption (which is 99% of my notes). Everything else is saved in BitWarden (“1%”). As you might guess given my solution: I am no journaling person.

My two cents: If you need a note-taking solution with a dedicated additional layer of encryption, GoodNotes is not the app you are looking for.


Thanks ever so much, Christian!

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