How Has Your Homescreen Changed Since Covid?

I posted this on twitter earlier today but would love to hear/see how things have shifted for you all in terms of what apps you are/are not using during Covid19. I’m finding I have a different workflow and needs than previously, and so have taken some time to adjust accordingly:

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It’s gotten cleaned more regularly


I haven’t changed drastically, but I do have a new folder on my last page for apps to try for my kids and some games that have been made free. It’s called “covid”

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No change at all here, but I have cut way back on apps that can give notifications. One report of deaths is enough.

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I have made three changes:

  1. I’ve started using Slack
  2. I went back to using Ulysses given the tremendous amount of writing that I have to do; everything from short communications to major articles and a book I’m working on. I tried to switch to Scrivener, which is great, but the compile function on iPad OS is cumbersome.
  3. Begrudgingly, I’m back on Facebook. Notwithstanding its significant problems, it is still a tremendous resource and platform for connection. I’m very strict about those that I friend or follow but it has proven helpful at this time.
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No homescreen changes, but I have allowed the News app to give me some notifications now.

I added that brilliant little Airpods connecting shortcut from the recent thread to my phone and iPad.

No home screen changes as such, but since I’ll be working from home, I’ve added Zoom, WebEx, and MS Teams applications for telecoferencing during the day with clients and colleagues, and teaching law classes as an adjunct professor at night. I got an inexpensive lapel microphone for use with these apps, which works pretty good… better than the built in microphone on my 27 inch iMac.

I’ve also started using the Sidecar feature in Catalina to use my iPad as a second screen during teleconference calls or just to be able to glance at an app without switching screens in Spaces.

Apple Pencil is also getting more use to review drafts from my team, and to mark up invoices and send them to my finance group. Sure beats marking them up with a pen, scanning, then emailing again. :smile:

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No change on the homescreen front. I have turned Instacart notifications off a few times.

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I can appreciate the begrudgingliness of fb. I’m all but 100% off but now with covid19, I have been on more than once in the past couple weeks.

This is really helpful. Do you find the lapel better than headphones with a mic? I’ve been using AirPods and they seem to do the job fairly well.

Yes, I did. I was using the built in mic from my iMac, which is good, but the lapel microphone seemed to give better realism and articulation. The one I got also has a 3.5mm audio input jack for a pair of headphones or earbuds. All you do is set the Input and Outputs from the Sound menu in the System settings, and you’re good to go. Just plug and play!

I have discovered that FB Live is actually pretty good. For whatever reason, our governor hold briefings via FB Live. Go figure! :slight_smile: