How have the M1 Macs influenced your Mac purchasing decisions?

Just curious if any of you have changed your current/upcoming purchasing plans because of the M1 Macs. it’s completely halted everything for me. I would have been very interested in getting a Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR in a couple years, but given what a huge jump up in performance the M1 is over Intel, I’m now waiting for the entire lineup to be refreshed before considering any changes.

Are you more or less likely to buy a Mac without Apple silicon right now?

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At the office (i.e., company expense), I got the M1 MacBook Pro, but held off on replacing my aging iMac, figuring I’d wait to see what comes. I already bought myself the M1 Mac Mini for home, which gave me my first glimpse of how worthwhile the upgrade would be.

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not having Bootcamp is a huge puss filled gaping wound on my m1 air. I am really glad I bought the 2020 intel iMac and never want to change it to an m1. my m1 air that I swapped my 2017 macbook pro feels crippled because of this. I will eventually upgrade the m1 air to the 16 inch M1/1x/2 Macbook Pro, but I won’t be totally happy. There is no good scenario.

What is your Bootcamp use case?

For me M1 will be only upside. Work upgrade time for me will probably be after Apple replaces the 15" MacBook Pro. I’m guessing that will be super sweet.

Devs at my organization need Docker - which is coming, and maybe x86VMs - which is in the much hazier future. We do have network based VMs to use, so you get heavier iron for your VM than local, but you do have to be on the VPN, or some sort of network, so for some people that’s not a good trade.

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I bought a new iMac this past Summer because I occasionally need to run Windows or Linux VMs and I wanted a machine that would carry me as long as possible with Intel. I switched to the Mac years ago only after they switched to Intel and I’m not looking forward to an M_ future.


Was considering replacing my 2011 MBP last summer when the WWDC announcement was made. Knew I didn’t want to buy anything until the dust had settled so I picked up a used MBA to hold me over. Plan to upgrade to an M1 (or successor) system at the end of 2021 or early 2022 depending on what is released.

No way I’d buy an intel Mac now. I’m considering selling my 2017 iMac 5k and upgrading to the Apple Silicon 16” mbp when it comes out.

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I wouldn’t buy an Intel iMac now either. That said, I am perfectly happy with my up-speced 2017 5K iMac and will use it until the iMac Pro with M silicon or equivalent comes out.

I wonder if there will be another iMac Pro. I bet the next iMac will be so fast there won’t be much of a market for a pro version.

Possibly… Use the current iMac Pro architecture (new fan design, 1080p camera, etc), put in an M chip, and just call it the iMac. But do make it available in a choice of Silver or Black!


M1 actually has me wanting to delay our next PC purchase. It seems like that side of the industry is going to respond to Apple Silicon significantly, but the timing and degree of success are completely unclear right now.

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This is absolutely the saddest loss for Apple Silicon. I use Linux VMs for my web development work, and while I can totally survive with alternative workflows, they are less good. (One day, most servers will probably run ARM, which will make emulation much easier, but that day seems pretty far out.)

Waaaay less, I bought a macbook pro with high specs a year ago though and I am very happy with it. Had I been more aware of M1 I might well have delayed that by a year or more frankly.

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