How I Defeat Online Threats, Tracking and Targeted Ads


I’ve recently reviewed my online defences with a view to being as private and safe as possible online as possible.

I’ve just released a (long) blog post about it. If I have missed anything, I would love to know! Please let me know as I’m confident there are many people here wiser than I am about the subject.

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I use adblocking and antitracking extension in Firewfox. Even going so far as to use a Facebook specific blocker that supresses “Sponsored” content. Oh and I use DuckDuckGo to search the web. Also I “reject all” tracking under GDPR rules.

Should a nefarious web site manage to track me it does not matter because with all thoe extensions running I never see ads they simply do not display.

If a web site owner bitches about the relying on advertising to continue I make a point of discocntinuing my visit to their site and never return.

In the unusual event that some ad does appear I instantly report it as spam.

If you think that is too much don’t try calling me on the phone to sell something. I will block and report you after I’ve told you FO.

Great blog post – thanks!