How I Use CleanShot X + Keyboard Maestro for screenshots

I’ve been using CleanShot X for almost 2 years now as my screenshot app and I’ve been very happy with it.

For years I used Snappy and LOVED it, kept using it about 3 years after it was abandoned but it just got too bugy which sent me to try CleanShotX.

I find myself mostly taking screenshots of select areas on the screen for either a file or my clipboard.

I don’t take advantage of about 60% of the apps functionality mostly just from not taking the time to learn but between the app it self and Keyboard Maestro I am very happy with my workflow and thought I’d share a bit. What I like / use most

    1. OCR Text Capture has been flawless
    1. Screenshots pinned to screen. Great when you need to compare a list but’ don’t need to save the screenshot beyond that
    1. Ability to annotate and sav e the screenshot from the popup overly.
    1. Ability to upload to cloud sevice
    1. My Keyboard Maestro Palette for all functions
    1. With the pro version you can use your own domain to share screenshots via link.

Like many of you I like taking advantage of keyboard maestro palettes so I don’t have to remember so many hot keys. For screenshots I have programed my most commonly used screenshot workflow Area to File. (Save area of the screen to my desktop as PNG)

But I made a macro group for all my screenshot functions that I can trigger thru a hotkey tied to show the group palette toggled by (⌥ + `)

The app gets updates every 2 or 3 months and what I love is they make a short video so show new features.

Really the only drawbacks for me are

    1. No iOS app to view all items saved in the cloud. I have the page bookmarked on my home screen but I always have to login back in.
    1. The cost for the version I have for Cloud Pro is $100 annually. But that

Would love to read more about some more advanced users screenshot workflow


CleanShot is terrific. One of my favorite newer features is auto-scrolling web pages as you grab a screen shot of the page.

I have the SetApp version, which provides a free cloud saving service using CleanShot’s cloud. The CleanShot SetApp plan allows 10GB of storage and supports custom domains for sharing. For anyone using SetApp and who isn’t going to store large volumes of image data online, it’s a great savings over the CleanShot CloudPro option.


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$100 annually? Yeesh…

My requirements are pretty simple so I just have a palette of Maestro macros that call /usr/sbin/screencapture with different flags and post-processing.

That doesn’t provide OCR. For that I followed a suggestion from the Maestro forms…a long press on my “copy” key turns it into “copy the text from a selected area of the display” (using help from a shortcut action). VERY VERY useful.

$100/year for access to the entire suite of Setapp apps, including 10GB for CleanShot X’s cloud service.

Versus, $100/year paid to CleanShot’s devs.

Apples and FTTs, so to speak.


LOVE that for the OCR. Going to find post om the kM forum! There are some wizards over there.

I am trying to automate the screenshot process for my Robinhood account. In the past, I’ve used the app Annotate but I’d like to move to CleanShot X because other than one obstacle the app is perfect for my needs. Plus, I don’t think Annotate is being developed anymore.

I can’t complete my workflow with Keyboard Maestro because of the way the Quick Access Overlay functions. I have to move the mouse over it to get the shortcut of ⌘S to save/function. All I want to do is save the file on desktop with specific name and I’ve automated that to this point but the 1 thing that makes the Macro fail is the Quick Access Overlay. Is there a way to get around the Quick Access Overlay?

Can anyone help?

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Not sure you can disable it totally, but can set it to close after 5 seconds:

Which works.

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Thank you! Enabling Auto-close for 5 seconds fixed the Keyboard Maestro Macro I’m using for the workflow.

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@bocciaman would you do the favour of sharing your KM macro?

By a strange coincidence I’ve been searching for a similar solution. Last week like many I dumped Evernote and I was relying on its screen clipper to grab bank transaction details now. I need to make things work with Cleanshot. I tried contacting the support email, however I’ve heard nothing so far.

I recall eons ago hearing of people filing screenshots with Hazel.

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Sure thing. Remember, I made this for just a daily screenshot of my Robinhood account at the end of the day. In Robinhood, unless you clear your history, cookies and cache you won’t be logged out after a certain time interval unlike a bank site. So, Robinhood screenshots won’t be interrupted by the need for usernames and passwords.

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