How is Textastic for web development on iPad?

I want to use my iPad more for development work on the go or when I’m at client. At a client that will be html, css and some php most of the time. I’m looking at Textastic. Has anyone used it? And how is it for coding and FTP?

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I must admit, my coding days are probably well behind me, but for HTML, CSS and web code, it is really nice. Syntax highlighting, good search and replace, custom keyboard for coding etc.

The other option to consider would be Coda from Panic. This is overkill for my modest needs, but seems like a sweet solution too.

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Textastic is just fine; I would just dive in and see if you run into any limitations. I see you mentioned FTP but if you use Working Copy for Git, you can use Textastic to edit the files instead of Working Copy, which is a relatively barebones editor.

Regarding Panic/Coda, there is an interesting development on the way from them that I hope will also come to iOS.


Yes! Textastic as great. I use it as my primary tool for setting up new sites and maintaining current sites. I manage around 10 client sites with Textastic. It’s one of my favorite and most used apps on the iPad. Bonus, because it works great with iCloud and Files you can supplement with other ftp apps such as File Explorer Pro or File Browser. The built-in ftp with Textastic works very well but sometimes I find it’s nice to use those other apps when I’m doing a lot of work with images or other non-text files. I switched to Textastic from Coda for two reasons. 1) I think Panic’s attention to Coda on the iPad has declined and 2) Panic does not support iCloud documents and in general doesn’t seem to go along with other modern iOS conventions. The result is documents in Coda are a bit isolated in the Coda silo on the one device.

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Thanks! That’s how I will be using it too.

Textastic will work fine, if you have SSH client that will work fine. However you will need a 24/7 server to host your code, and to be accessible from everywhere.
I did everything to make that work seamlessly and failed. I am on MacBook back for development.

Yeah, I think I recall that feeling when I first switched over to an iCloud-based workflow. I’ve been doing it this way for almost two now and to date have not any problems or data loss. A couple of months ago I did have a hiccup, a couple of days where my iCloud synching seemed to slow down on this iPad. My iPhone and other non-work iPad seemed fine as did the Mac. I turned off iCloud on this iPad when I went to bed and let it sit over night. I restarted the iPad in the morning and turned iCloud back on and everything has been fine since.