How Likely a 15” MBA? Would you trade a 14” MBP for a 15” MBA?

How likely do you think it is that Apple will release a 15” MBA per the rumors?

If one is released and it is lighter than the MBP and the screen resolution is similar, I’d be tempted to move from my 14” M1 MBP for an M2 15” MBA. Would you?

I think it’s very likely, and I wouldn’t trade. I can definitely see the appeal though

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I doubt the 15" MBA will have the M2 pro or max option , especially if there is no fan. Currently I am using a 14" M1 pro MBP and I am very happy with it . It is not so heavy that I cannot carry around with it


Even if Apple bring out a 15” Mac Book Air, I will be keeping my MacBook Pro 14”MI. It is a perfect size for me, has fans and plenty of ports and a beautiful screen.


I’m guessing the MBA won’t have the higher quality screen or speakers of the MBP. I wonder if the MBA bezels will be bigger than the MBP. We might get the same screen resolution in any case. The MBA will most likely not get as many ports as the MBP.

Would you want to give up all the above just to go a larger screen?

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I’m contemplate getting rid of my 16” MBP for a 15” MBA. It’s so heavy that it has spent 95% of its life hooked up to the studio display on my desk. I don’t need all the extra horsepower and the screen doesn’t mean much if it’s spending all the time in clamshell mode in my desk.

DITTO! :+1:

I love my 14" MBPro!

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