How many of you have your own white board?


If there are people who are interested in a goat simulator, than why not this?


Goat simulator? You have got to be kidding. Never heard of such a thing.


Thank you, internet.


there are a lot of different farming simulations, so why not? :stuck_out_tongue:


I put one up with the new MacSparky Headquarters. It’s about 18”wide and 24” high.

For about a month, I’ve been using it in the evening as I plan the next day. I’d write down the next day’s date and then a few key tasks from the OmniFocus bank for the next day. It was initially satisfying standing up and drawing lines through completed projects but it was also entirely a duplication of effort for things I already had written down on all my Apple devices.

The last few weeks I’ve been using it while on client calls to diagram things out just for me. That is a bit more helpful. I take a picture before erasing it for the next time.

I’m still not entirely sure I’ve nailed down what I’ll do with the thing though. When it comes to task management, I am, not surprisingly, very digital.


A screenwriter acquaintance has for a couple of decades used a 2x3’ or so sheet of magnetic metal, with small magnets to hold index cards so he can visualize screenplays he’s working on and to be able to easily move and shuffle cards/scenes. He quickly discarded the idea of using the card view in Scrivener or Final Draft because the way he works he prefers to back up a few feet and take in the entirety of all the acts in the screenplay. Most screenwriters lean towards corkboards when doing this sort of thing, but this person prefers magnets because it’s faster and leaves the cards unpunctured. (shrug)


A whiteboard is kinda like any other tool, I have a hammer but I don’t go around looking for things to hit with it. In my mind it is perfectly fine to go days, weeks or even months between using a whiteboard.

There has not been a lot of chat in this thread about how people are using them, but I find the big strength of a whiteboard is during collaboration.

If I am on my own doing a domain diagram I reach for my iPad and pencil, but if I am in the office with other programmers or clients the board is an amazing tool as we can all use it.

The main use of my home office whiteboard is when talking with my wife, its useful if we are talking about the household budget or how things are going to work to be able to draw diagrams.



I did think for a minute that you were saying you got a goat for the home office and I was thinking “stuffed?”

Were you using it and the Baron Fig, or was this a different experiment in analog and digital? I ask because I’ve found I do much better to have one go to one each realm - but I do sketch ideas and occasionally take phone call notes on a big desk pad instead of a whiteboard.

That’s rather then taking said notes in my notebook - I appreciate the space when I’m laying it out and thinking, but then I’m always annoyed not to have it with me on the go.


I have 18 white boards in my office space. 2 of them are the tops of work desks. 12 are little paper sized ones.



I never knew there were small paper size ones. I may try to find some for use in our farm store.

Amazon here I come :slight_smile:


We have a large one in the kitchen. (Probably because of our family dynamics) it’s got relegated to fridge magnets rather than proper usage.


We’re using ours to post information about the weeks weather and activities.


The last week I have been head deep rolling out a work management system at work, several times an hour people come and are asking about the status of this data load, or that last minute bug.

Having a whiteboard next to me has been a massive help, because I have been using it to keep track of what jobs are in my queue to be done, number by order and there status.

So when the project manager comes in and says I need you to drop everything right now and do this, putting it on the top of the list helps him feel better, the same for people with less critical things like a password reset, they leave my office happy that it will get done eventually because they got to see me put it on the list and give it a number.

It’s the kinda tacktileness that you don’t get with Omnifocus, it’s not a solution for long term tasks, but these short lived tasks with lots of people wanting something done, it’s perfect for managing that.


I love the paper-sized ones! May I ask the brand and where you purchased them?


I think I got them from some kind of online store for classrooms, But I’ve also see some one Amazon.


Look on Amazon (or elsewhere) for

  • dry erase lapboard