How much did it actually rain?

Weather apps are great at predicting rainfall to the hundredth of an inch over hours or days (see other discussions for whether these predications are very accurate).

But does anyone know of one that makes it easy to see how much it has rained over, say, the last 24 hours (or some other time-period).

Ideally either Apple Weather or Carrot already do this and I’ve just been too dense to find it…

Check National Weather service at your nearest local airport? Click the three-day history button and look for for Precip columns over various periods of time.

7-Day Forecast 37.31N 122.03W

Edit to add: You might have to scroll down. Not much rain near Apple offices, eh?


+1 for Just add zipcode.

Microclimates. If you really want to know how much it has rained and you don’t live by an airport you need to measure it yourself. Here’s an example:
Low-tech. No batteries. No Wifi.


I do not know of an app, but the citizen science CoCoRaHS project collects measurements and and makes the data available. The usefulness to you would depend on the location of the nearest reporting site.


The only CoCoRaHS app that I know of is geared towards reporting and requires a participant account. The map at the top of is available to anyone, though, and has options to set defaults for location. They mostly work. I keep a Safari page open to it and use it to check neighborhood data after entering ours.

Currently nearly all of the contributing stations are in or near the US as the network was until recently US-only. There were around 20,000 stations last I looked, so if you’re in a supported geographic area the odds are pretty good that there will be some nearby. If nothing else, looking at the map during a rainy period will give you an idea of how strong the microclimate effect is where you live.


I’ll second the 3 day history on Also on the page is Forecast Discussion where the forecaster discusses the reasons for the forecast made. Great info for weather geeks.

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