How much do you spend on subscriptions each day?

There’s an interesting thread here that asks how much you spend on subscriptions annually, and some of the numbers add up.

I wonder if it’s equally useful to ask yourself how much you spend a day.

You could, if you’ve already done the annual exercise, divide that total by 365.

$1000 a year, is about $3 a day, and that doesn’t sound so bad.

I’ve got a friend who spends more money on beer each day than do on subscriptions.

You could ask yourself how much money you spend on coffee each day and multiply it by 365.

Then repeat for your car. Your electricity. Your iPhone.


That’s an old sales trick to say how much something costs per day and then point out that it’s less than your daily stop at Starbucks. And it makes things seem so much less expensive. It’s the same thing as the trap of “easy monthly payments”.

Now if I was able to turn subscriptions on and off every day as needed, then I could see giving a daily cost. But since just about every subscription is paid yearly, that’s the best way to look at it IMHO.


Why pick sides? I think you should do both.

$0.53 per day. Not too bad, I guess.

My annual was $2,687 and I had several things I hadn’t added in yet, and I didn’t want to continue further as the number kept increasing. But with the current annual number, I am looking at $7.36/day

I spend about $3.30 a day. It does sound a lot better that way!

About the same as I spend on coffee each day … less than I spend on parking each day…

This trick can end up being a great way to cut down on beer and coffee, especially if you compute your daily income after taxes and fixed expenses. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like looking at “optional” subscriptions on an annual basis because the numbers are more meaningful - I also include non-technology subscriptions or services. If I can eliminate something that costs $1/day, that’s $365/year and it could translate to extra savings for investment or an airline ticket somewhere. For services that I value, I will switch to annual billing if there is added discounting.

I’ve done this recently and I think it provides a useful perspective.

I’m balking at paying the annual fee ofAUD82 for Ulysses but just worked out that is AUD0.22 per day! Like, if I saw that amount on the pavement I wouldn’t stop to pick it up… :joy:

I also looked at SetApp yesterday. At AUD12.49/month that equates to AUD0.37 per day. (that 12.49 may be USD which then makes the daily cost AUD0.53)

Sometimes we “swallow a camel”, and others days we “strain at a gnat!”

(I went too deep on that, didn’t I! :joy:)

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