How much "empty" memory does iOS need?

Getting ready to order my iPhone Max. Taking into account a new project I’m planning it appears 256 gig time again.

My initial assumption was 64 Gig feels like enough. But, I’ve used 54 of the 256 Gigs on my 10.5 iPad.

I made up some numbers and included one “factual” number.

Question mark … how much “empty” memory does iOS need to speedily shuffle bits around in?

  • current system, apps, storage … 54 gig
  • 2000 photo … 4 gig
  • 5 hours digital music … 1/2 gig
  • 10 audio books … 7 gig of epic fantasy & reference
  • 40 min of video … 8 gig highest quality
  • 1 gig additional text storage… 1 gig
  • headroom for operating system… ? gig
  • future expansion & bad estimates 10 gig
  • before headroom 54 + 20.5 + 10 = 84 gig total
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My understanding (i.e. I don’t really know) is that needing significant headroom for shuffling died with the hdd, so don’t worry.
I’d personally aim for 10GB to be on the (guessed) safe side. You appear to have over 10x that :slight_smile:

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Current SSDs don’t require any space available due to a cache space (that is inaccessible by the user) that allows it to write and move data to free space up, using TRIM. There is debate regarding if slowness occurs as you fill up the device, I’m of the opinion that it does due to TRIM having to offload data to a cache, empty a block, then write the data back to a new block.

Of course, if you are already above 64GB in your estimate, which seems pretty spot on (my iPhone System storage is currently 8.94GB, and my iPad Pro is 9.26GB), TRIM is not going to do you much good.

All that said if you expect to start off with all of the data from your iPad on your phone, then you only have ~10GBs to use before your next upgrade. My suggestion would be to go for the 256 model as you won’t have to worry about using up space or continuously being bugged about there being no space left when taking photos. Or when an update for iOS comes out, you won’t have to delete or offload apps to accommodate an update.

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I always go for the largest memory I can fit in any given machine, phone, tablet or desktop. It gives them a muchlonger lifespan of use before needing replacement. Memory is so cheap now why not go for more? I can remember when computer memory was approximately $5000 for 12Kb Yes, KB, core memory on DEC PDP 8 machines. There were some machines where memory was even more. A typical iPhone would have cost millions of dollars at old memory prices. You can buy what is effectively a supercomputer for under $1000 now. Take advantage of it!

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