How much RAM do I need

is 16 Gig RAM enough to run ManyCam and multi-devices? Devices would be iPad and potentially iPhone. With Zoom? Thank you for any thoughts!

What machine do you have?

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I have a MacBook Air 2019 16 RAM with intel core i5 and 500 GB Flash drive. thank you so much for you help!

That machine’s RAM can’t be upgraded, so it will have to do.

Manycam refuses to detail recommended hardware requirements other than ‘Intel Mac’ so you’ll have to do some testing for yourself.

Oh yes, I understood that. I was wondering if it will be enough or if I should consider upgrading - yikes. That would mean taking a money hit, but I may need to do that considering what is happening in the world.

I was wondering about that! I thought maybe I just couldn’t find it! Ok thank you I’ll just start testing and see if I need to spend the money and upgrade. Thank you so much!

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