How often does your Mac reboot for no obvious reason

I plan to put more services to my M1 Mac Mini with 16Gb of RAM.

I already running Home Assistant via UTM and it is running very smoothly.

I intend to run more services , may be via docker or other VM (as I do not want to add more to UTM, my current Home Assistant can support supervisor mode, but once I add more, it may become ‘supported’)

I want to see how people here see the reliability of Mac . FYI , I experienced a reboot for no obvious reasons at a frequency of one a month, mostly overnight when I am not using the Mac Mini. However every time it reboot (especially in an uncontrolled mode), it causes me some degree of inconvenience. For example some of the home automation did not work and I was wondering why.

My M1 Mac Mini was rebooting frequently (I didn’t keep track, but I’d wake up to find it rebooted at least a few times a week). Four or five days ago, I unplugged a USB hub, and it hasn’t rebooted since. I’m sure I just jinxed myself. I need to find time and try to figure out if it was the hub or something plugged into the hub that was causing the problem.

I also have a Mac Studio at the office, and I can’t remember that ever rebooting on its own.

I run a lot and typically only reboot for OS updates.

My wife has a M1 Mini, it has never to my knowledge spontaneously rebooted.

I have a Mac Studio. It has never rebooted on its own.

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this is interesting, I also have a USB hub plugged in . Just wondering whether that is the culprit. May be I should study the thousands of lines of error logs to find a clue

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I have multiple hubs connected to my Studio. Three USB and one Thunderbolt as well as three monitors each with a built in hub. And plenty attached devices.

And as noted, no issues with reboots.

So I suspect it is the specific hub and not hubs in general that may be the issue.

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How often does your Mac reboot for no obvious reason?

?? Uh, never? I didn’t realize this was an issue people dealt with.

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I’ve had it happen on intel Macs. One would often reboot overnight or if left to sit for a few hours. I chalked it up to memory leaks from various touchy apps I was running, but never pinned it down.

I have a 2012 iMac that runs a weather station for me. Only reboots when I make it. I think Macs are very reliable, but not all the software and peripherals are.

My 2012 Mini only reboots sometimes when I fumble with the cables and outlets behind my TV and disconnect it from the mains outlet.

My 14" Macbook Pro is randomly rebooting a lot (5-6 times a week) recently - when left plugged in and unattended. I realise it must be hardware or software issues but just have not had time to figure it out yet.
Interestingly, I do have a USB hub plugged in so maybe that is a good place to start!

I have two M1-based Macs. A Mac mini and a MacBookPro. The mini rebooted itself recently but that was the first time since I installed it over a year ago. I tend to run my Macs 24/7/365. My MBP has never rebooted spontaneously.

I reboot occasionally to free up RAM for one app on my M1. I can count on one hand the number of times it has rebooted on its own. I only have 8 GB RAM.

I use a 2012 Mac mini as a file and backup server. All the external drives are connected directly to the Mini but the keyboard and mouse use a hub. It occasionally reboots. It also seems to not reboot properly after software updates. Running from an external SSD.

I’ve got an iMac Pro (2017, 3.2GHz Intel Xeon W, 32GB RAM) running Mojave (legacy software) and it reboots at least 6 times per week for no apparent reason. Many times more than once a day. Reinstalling OS doesn’t seem to help.
I’m sure there’s a log somewhere to document what was going on at the moment of it’s reboot, but I’m not sure where to look for that. Any suggestions from the collective?

One observation: back in the day, such reboots would have been a disaster. These days, I almost never lose any data.


When I had Intel MacBooks, restarting was very common. At least 2-3 times per week (on my old 16" i9). I also use several Mac Pros at work and these often reboot overnight.

I now have two M1 14" and a Studio, all of which have never rebooted without reason like an update.

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I have an M1 MacBook Air. I don’t think it’s ever rebooted for no reason.

I’ve had this happen twice (hopefully coincidentally) on the same Mac. Both times it turned out to be a RAM issue and the fix in each case was a logic board replacement. The first time was a couple of months after a couple of months after I bought it, and the second was a couple of months ago, with just a week of AppleCare remaining. I hope that you’re not having the same issue.

In my case the reboots were frequent and exacerbated by use, so if you’re seeing them only once per month that maybe be a sign of other (hopefully less serious) issues.

I’ve not had one unsolicited reboot since I bought my M1 Mac Mini