How should I make good use of Pinboard

As part of my New Year resolution, I want to clean up and consolidate my subscriptions / Apps

I signed up for based on good comments but found that I hardly use it. It collects a bit dump of my bookmarked link but honestly I do not know what to make out of it

Really keen to hear from you what you see the value before I dump it


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I have it too and rarely use it

I use it a lot, and I think tagging is key.

I use it for sites I return to regularly — one tag is for all my online bills, for one simple example.

I used to use folders of bookmarks in my browser bookmark bar, but I found syncing to be a miserable experience; invariably some bookmarks would get lost. Pinboard is always there.

Other collections include tutorials of various kinds. And with the offline archiving, I don’t have to worry about link rot as much.


I used it for all my bookmarking for years (maybe 15?) but i’ve migrated everything to devonthink & don’t miss it. I barely used the social features.

seems a lot of maintenance is required, I would rather rely on effective search engine

does Pinboard only save the URL or also archive the content. So for example, is the content still there after the URL is taken offline ?

It can also archive the content: Pinboard: Upgrade Your Account

Fwiw, I don’t use the social features at all. Mine is a purely private account.

It has a decent API as well.

Relying on search is fine, and there are plenty of times I use a search engine to re-find something. But often enough, it doesn’t turn up immediately. Instead of wading through pages of reformulated searches trying to find it, I can go to pinboard — assuming past me invested the 15 seconds it takes to bookmark a site and add a tag or two (tags autofill).

Edit: Zero maintenance on my part. I just stuff bookmarks in, and only revisit them if it’s helpful. Otherwise I ignore my account.

Do what works for you. If you want a platform and browser agnostic bookmarking service that can store full content, doesn’t rely on advertising, has a decent API and isn’t terribly expensive — but has been very reliable during the several years that I’ve used it — check out pinboard.


thanks, you convinced me to look into Pinboard a bit more

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I believe you need the paid subscription for full content search right ?

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Yes, archiving is a (separately) paid feature:

A regular Pinboard account costs $22/year. Archiving costs $39/year (that price includes the base fee). You can upgrade when you sign up, renew, or any time in between.

Then I guess I am on the old plan:

“You paid a one-time fee when you joined Pinboard.”

Also from the dev:
“So my pitch is this: if you are getting more than $1.80/month of value from using Pinboard (which is what the site costs these days), I ask you to convert to a regular account as a token of your support.”

If I ever do go back to using Pinboard actively then I will shift plans but I really haven’t used it in years. Nice to know my bookmarks are there if I ever need them though.