How to add a text file to a .mov on iPad?

I have a 1-minute video in .mov format on my iPad that I have had captioned in English by

They sent me a .srt file.

But how do I merge the two? How do I get the subtitles synchronised and displayed on the video and save it as a new file?

I only have an iPad Pro and an iPhone available to do this. Hope someone can help

If you’re only hosting it on YouTube or Facebook, you can just add the file separately.

Does Luma Fusion offer this? That’s like the premier iPad app right?

I will eventually post the video with subtitles merged into it on Instagram and YouTube.

I don’t know luma fusion. Will it do this on iPad?

YouTube is easy. When you upload your video you’ll upload your .srt file. Instagram doesn’t allow that yet (even though Facebook does). :worried:

Okay so I guess I need to upload it to YouTube, add the .srt file and then redownload it somehow from my YouTube-channel again, right?

How does one re-download a video from YouTube on an iPad though…

Sent you a private message, Jeremy