How to add mail share button for Microsoft Outlook?

Mail icon I would like change to Microsoft Outlook

but after changing setup in Mail, I have no mail icon ;(

Is there any way to get Outlook share icon ?

Microsoft would need to offer support for the share sheet which I’m not sure they have. If it exists it will be in System Preferences > Extensions, you’d need to enable it and then you could use it.

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As mentioned by @RosemaryOrchard, I spent some hours looking for this for a colleague a few months back - since I simply couldn’t get my head around why this feature would not exist… Turns out I was wrong, and it doesn’t (yet).

Came across some Applescript magic that solved the problem initially, involving additional one’s own service, but it was a bit buggy in the end. So best option, is unfortunately to use an intermediary like Yoink, or start from Outlook and pick the attachments from there.

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So it’s 2020 and this is still a problem. I have Outlook set as my default mail app. In system preferences > extensions, it almost looks like it would work because it shows the Outlook app. However when I try to share something from finder, outlook is not an option.

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