How to Add Secure Signature to MSWord Document

Hi All,

We (the lawyers) have stipulated to continue trial in an OC superior court matter. The court seems to require MSWord files for stips and proposed order.

Mac Users - how do you add a secure signature to an MSWord document?

I know how to paste an image of my signature, I just would like it to be a bit more secure.

Google searches are indicating that Mac users can’t securely add their signature to a MSWord document (but can paste an image onto a word document).

Anyone know of any tricks/hacks to deal with this?


This is a good question. I generally “insert picture from file” of my scanned signature, and then print it to PDF. On some Judicial Council forms, I just use “/s/ My Name” and it hasn’t been rejected.

But CRC 2.257 (California Rules of Court: Title Two Rules) specifies a detailed procedure for electronically-filed documents not signed under penalty of perjury (including stips), which includes that the opposing party ink signs (and you keep that original), and their electronic signature on the filed copy has to be unique and verifiable (see link for details).

If you have an electronic signature provider like DocuSign, I would just use that once everyone is ready to sign.

DocuSign was going to be my suggestion, too. I’m not aware of a way to do it in Word.


Another vote for DocuSign. Used it recently getting forms signed by Uni professors, Dean, admin, etc. and it happened it record time.
Their website says they have a free plan if all you need to do is sign documents.

Unfortunately, the court only accepts MSWord files for stips and proposed orders so DocuSign (as far as I know) isn’t an option.

Got it (and thanks for the heads-up!). How about this? I haven’t tried it out:

Looks like that is for Windows not mac. I appreciate your help though!

Oh, no. I should have tried it before posting. Good luck with your solution!