How to Append Multiple Notes to a Single Note While on a Run?

I hope someone can offer a solution to a minor friction point in capturing multiple thoughts while on a run. I’ve been reading an outstanding book and taking notes in my PKM system. Rather than listening to a podcast, I will sometimes leave the AirPods behind so I can think about what I’ve been reading. Today, during my run, ideas kept leaping to mind about the latest book I’ve been reading. To capture my thoughts, I invoked Siri and said, “remind me to consider xyz application of principle x from the book xyz.” The problem is that I ended up with 10-12 separate reminders that are thoughts, not tasks, that I then need to transfer to my PKM system.

I want to use Siri to add multiple thoughts as they occur to an existing note so that I have all of my thoughts added to the same note.

Any thoughts on the best way to do this?

The Shortcuts Append to Note action comes to mind. If you ran a shortcut which captured your thoughts (perhaps via the Record Audio action) and appended each to the same note, that would result in ‘all thoughts added to the same note.’ Of course, that uses Apple Notes. For a different note taking app, you would need that app to provide its own similar action. But maybe just having them all in a single note is enough for you to more easily move them to whatever app you want them to end up in.

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If you are a Drafts user they have an Apple Watch complication/widget (whatever the term is) that you can use. Just press a button or tell Siri to add it to a draft. Lots of automation in Draft to do whatever you want with it afterwards

Thanks, I do use AN for a lot of notes so this may be an option but I have only the most basic Shortcut skills, and basic may be overstating it! :rofl:

I used a tape recorder in the flip phone days. How about an app like “Just Press Record”? Record your thoughts and let it transcribe everything later.

Just Press Record on the App Store (


Create a shortcut that compiles all reminders with certain criteria, grabs the content, checks them off and appends them to your note of choice. Set the shortcut to run as an automation several times a day or when certain conditions occur like when you open your notes app. That’s what I do and works brilliantly since Reminders is native on every platform and well integrated.

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Plus one for this. I use it one my watch. Not that often, but when I am out and about and need to take a quick note it is excellent

That sounds like a great approach but creating such a shortcut is way beyond my skill level. I’ve not taken the time to master Shortcuts. I appreciate the suggestion nevertheless. Thanks.

Enjoy the rabbit hole! :rofl:


Here’s a fairly simple Shortcut that you could use to (learn and…) build from!

The shortcut allows you to choose one or more reminders created today. It appends each to a new Apple Note and marks the reminder complete.

Maybe this will help you get started. Glad to answer any questions — jay

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This is really great to learn the basics. Super helpful. Thanks for sharing :+1:

Thanks, I’ve installed it and will give it a shot!

Thanks everyone for the helpful responses, much appreciated!

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Doc, you can highlight/copy multiple Reminders and paste in a Note - one step. Makes a nice list with each reminder starting on a new line.

Nice tip, thanks!

20 characters ….

This is what mine looks like…“Hey Siri, take a note”

Thanks, I’ve not spent much time trying to create shortcuts but I’ll see I can replicate this, much appreciated!