How-to build an iPad Kiosk App

Hello there MPUers, looking for some advice on this project for work…

I’d like to build or configure an app to run an iPad as an informational kiosk for various trade shows, etc. We’d like to be able to have an informational keynote presentation of shorts playing and also a way for people to submit their contact information if they’d like to learn more.

Has anyone worked with an app or service that can help me do this?


Keynote should get you most of the way there I’d think. They talk about it in episode 332

Flowvella Kiosk Mode.
It’s specifically designed for making presentations on the iPad, presenting them on the iPad, and has a mode to lock it to a kiosk “Flow.” Also includes autoplaying, offline videos and contact forms.

Disclaimer: I’m related to the developer.

Thanks, this does look really interesting. It’s pretty much what we’re looking for. I’ll have to reach out and get a demo of the system.