How to check info of folders in iCloud app containers

Not sure this is a result of upgrading to Ventura but I suspect it is not,

I cannot find a way to find out the size of iCloud folders that are containers of apps (use Pages as an example). For all other types of ‘standard’ folders in iCloud drive, I just right click and select info, but there is no such option for app containers

Am I missing something?

Does Cmd-i not work?

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I don’t see a way to show “Get Info”. It can show the size of these folders in list view.

no, it does not, Just come back with a ‘beep’ tone

Not ideal, but you can select all of the contents, then Cmd-Opt-i will give you the count and size of all.

I have Calculate all sizes turned on in Finder (CMD+J) for all folders and it correctly displays all folder sizes in Finder in the Size column, including for the folders in iCloud Drive. It also always updates quickly for local folders so there’s no need for CMD+I on folders to find out the size.


great tip. I really learn one new thing everyday from this forum , Great stuff !!

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