How to clear all notifications in macOS?

Hi MPUers,

Is there a way to clear all notifications cards (from the notification center)? Searched online and those apple scripts don’t work anymore.

OS version: macOS Monterey 12.2

Did you try this one?

There’s a clarification about bundling deep in the comments if you’re having trouble with errors:

Thanks @cornchip . I tried running this via Script Editor and it did not clear notifications that were hidden in the notification center

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If you’re a user of LanchBar you can use this custom action to show/dismiss notifications.

I’m an Alfred user. Not sure if this will work across apps

The scripts in the source linked by @Wseries are AppleScript so they should be adaptable to other automation platforms (with some effort, of course).

I ran this script from @Wseries (this one), via ScriptEditor and did not clear the notification automatically when the notification panel is collapsed. But when I run the script and immediately open the notification panel, then it clears them. How do I automate this?

Do you mean opening the notifications panel before running the script, or building a Alfred workflow from that script?

Do you mean opening the notifications panel before running the script

Yes. Because that script is only work when the notification panel is open. If it is closed/hidden, the script does nothing, atleast that is what happens when I run it via ScriptEditor. Maybe you might have a diff experience

Sorry, I don’t know. I hardly use Notification Center myself, and a lot seems to have changed in Big Sur and Monterey. I wish I could be more helpful.

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