How to create a hyperlink in ios

Is there a way to create a hyperlink in ios?

The short answer is “of course”, but then, we do not know what you want to do. A little more context would be helpful. Are you writing text in some app? Creating a bookmark somewhere? Looking to link one document with another?

Thanks for your reply- I simply want to copy a url and “apply” it to a word in an email so the recipient can click on the word and go to the desired web site.

It’s possible to do this in Mail on iOS/iPadOS, but the method is not intuitive.

  1. Copy the URL from Safari or whatever.
  2. Paste the URL into the body of the message in Mail.
  3. Place the cursor somewhere into the text of the URL (not at the beginning or the end – somewhere in between).
  4. Type the word or words that you want to be clickable – inserting it into the body of the URL.
  5. Delete the portions of the URL before and after the inserted text.

The URL should remain, attached to the inserted text, and the text should be clickable by your correspondent.

Test this by sending to yourself.

One could write a Shortcut to do this, but I’ll leave that for someone else to explain.

I tried this and couldn’t make it work. It seems the only time the URL portion shows up as clickable is after sending or saving as a draft. Once I start editing the draft the URL becomes plain text.

FYI, Federico created a shortcut for this a while ago but I have not been able to get it to work on iOS/iPadOS 15. It seems like the convert markdown to rich text portion isn’t working as I am unable to paste a rich text hyperlink into Notes and Pages so it’s not just a Mail issue. Federico’s shortcut is on the MacStories Shortcuts Archive. Search for “Create Hyperlink”.

The instructions work.

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@quorm & @JoePreiser, you are both correct. The link will appear when the email is received by the addressee(s) - at least if the addressee is using Apple Mail.

One option that’s fairly easy is to use a Markdown editor like 1Writer, Taio, or iA writer. All three of those have fairly easy options for exporting rich/formatted text with a markdown link that will work in Mail.

I’m guessing Drafts would work as well but have yet to get very far becoming accustomed to composing in Markdown so still tend to write plain text and just drop a full URL into emails.

Tried again and the instructions worked this time. Not sure why the URL wasn’t being detected the first time.

My workaround for this is to use Google Docs- open a file, type your trigger word, select the word then you have options to make it a hyperlink.

Once done you can copy the hyperlink word into another app- like Mail.

Kludgy but it works.