How to create this kind of simple animated videos with my Macbook and iPad

This is the video I’m talking about. It uses some simple drawings and arrows to explain a topic.

A good way to really learn something is by teaching it to someone else, that’s why I want to create videos like those and later upload them to Youtube. Maybe they can help someone out and also refresh my memory at a later point.

I have a Macbook Air M1 and iPad Pro M1 with apple pencil.

What kind of apps or software would you recommend?


You can do this sort of thing in Apple Keynote. Take look at this: Creating advanced animations in Apple Keynote [MASTERCLASS] - YouTube


Thanks! Does keynote allows the use of apple pencil to create drawings inside the slides?

I’ve used Epic Pen to draw over content on my iPad while it is in extended desktop or mirror mode.


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Thanks! I’ll see if that fits my workflow.

Yes and it works pretty well!

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You can add simple hand drawings to your keynote slides using your apple pencil when you edit them on your iPad.

It’s easy to animate the hand drawing when you play the slides - its a standard animation effect that you can turn on and off in keynote for mac and for iPad.

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Thank you, I will try it.

To recreate something like that, I’d use either Keynote or Explain Everything , though I think I’ve been grandfathered into that as I’m not paying a subscription.
The later works nicely to record what you do, which can later go in and add to and edit.
Keynote is surprisingly brilliant for simple things, using its Magic Move animations extensively.

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There are no animations in explain everything right? How do you use it?

Normally I use it by having different slides with the main diagrams and then recording myself drawing.
I’ve also used the feature where you can record as you drag images on and off the canvas. On the iPad, you can set the visible screen to be larger than the recorded canvas, so you can keep props to one side and drag them on and off as needed.
I’ve also used animated GIFs on screen.

Using Keynote is better to get to the example you posted, but EE could give a more personal feel (or something similar but different) so I thought it was worth a mention.


Thanks, I’ll try both options.