How to deal with a bunch of pictures

Hello - Here seeking some help regarding 11,544 pictures and 909 videos. It may look not that overwhelming but for me is just crazy. Need to know if there is a way (easy) or software that I can use to remove like memes and crazy images and leave the photos that are more about my daughter and family for example…

Maybe I am asking for something that is to difficult or manually is the way that I hope not. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your support…


Frankly 11,544 images is not that many.

Just dedicate 30 minutes focused time per day to chew trough the library and you will be done in no time.

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I seem to remember an iOS app that your could flick one way to keep a photo and flick the other to delete. I did some searching, but can’t find it. Anyone remember it?

Are you looking on Mac or iOS, Luis?

There have been several over the years, but you may be thinking of Flic


Any system is ok. I have my library on both places…

If the images are in iCloud already your best options are using an iOS app to sort through your images as quickly and painlessly as possible. For the price check out Flic then (linked to in earlier post).

I will give it a try… thank you all for your quick reaction to my post and help.

You could have a look at HashPhotos on iOS. It shows duplicates as well as similar photos and you get to pick which one or ones you’d like to keep. You can zoom to compare 2 or more photos if there are features you need a closer look at. You can create new folders, smart folders, private HashPhotos albums etc. screencastsonline has a video. I’m living it so far. And it’s quite reasonable.

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Best Photos?

Yup, that’s it: flic