How to Delete Bookends from Word?

I have decided to move back to Endnote (which I used for my doctoral dissertation) instead of Bookends. I can’t figure out how to remove Bookends from Word. I’ve searched online but can’t find instructions. I also checked the developer’s website, and I deleted and reinstalled Word. So far, I haven’t been able to remove Bookends.

I’m working on a book and Word is essential for the final editing.

Any help will be appreciated!

Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 8.16.42 AM

I had the same question lurking for a while as I experimented with the demo version of Bookends but chose not to pursue it. But even after deleting the app the menu item stuck around in Word.

From past experience with Word I knew that a *.dotm file probably controlling that, but where the heck is it? I dug around a little bit and found on page 259 of the Bookends User Guide they refer to the startup macro template file for my version of Word in

~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/User Content/Startup/Word

Looking in there I deleted file “Bookends.dotm”, restarted Word, and “poof”, menu item gone.

There may be other debris left but not suits me. I deleted the and Hazel helps clean up stuff, but not the *.dotm Word startup macro template.

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Thanks, that will help me remove an unnecessary file. I also found this; finally, it “deactivates” but does not remove it. Your solution is better. Thanks again.

I think it’s effectively the same. If nothing else had I remembered that about the normal.dotm template I would have looked there first.

I used Word extensively in the '80’s and 90’s in the last century. I knew pretty much *everything" about it, taught a lot of people–especially the collaboration aspects. But I’ve forgotten more than I ever knew :wink: as it’s not been my “goto” writing tool for quite some time.

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That is me exactly! But Word is indispensable for my book project, so I have to relearn it. I discovered that Endnote works better with Word than Bookends for my needs.