How to delete multiple songs/albums in Apple Music App

I added a playlist from a friend of some 250 albums. Unfortunately the setting was on for adding albums to library when adding a playlist so now my Apple Music library is full of songs and albums in recently added that I don’t really want to see there.

I don’t own a Mac so what’s the fastest to delete these albums on iPad or iPhone?

And then add the playlist again without the setting on in Settings.

Looking at the Settings for Music on my iPad, I don’t see the setting that you are referring to. Can you post a screenshot?

This says in Danish: “Add songs from playlist” and then below: “Add songs to your library, when you add them to your playlists.”

My Music settings don’t look anything like yours (ignoring the language). Two possibilities: I’m on iOS 14, and I don’t have Apple Music. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

Deleted them manually. Can tell you that disabling that setting will add the playlist but not the songs to my library. So that fixed it :blush: