How to disable “ask for more time” in Screen Time

Hello all,

My sister-in-law is trying to regulate the amount of time her child spends on his iPad.

[Please, we acknowledge all the pros/cons of having screen time manage this, as opposed to the parent - so no need to go into that side of things. Let’s just say that in this case, the situation is more complex].

I walked her through what must be done, in terms of setting up total time for games, and he was still bypassing it. So I tried to do the same on our kid’s iPad. When the limit is reached, an option appears that says “ask for more time” - doing that, simply overrides the block??

Is that supposed to happen? If so, can this option be disabled? Any tips/suggestions?

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I’ve just tried a quick test and it allows more time with a passcode switched on. However, choosing the option ‘Block at End of Limit’ meant that it would not extend the session without the passcode. Could you ask your sister-in-law to check that that toggle switch is in addition to having set a passcode. Having both on seems to be the only way to prevent this (you cannot add more time without entering the passcode).


Appreciate the detailed reply – I did toggle this, and my checking a while ago, sees it working as expected now.

Possibly my earlier tests were without my having ‘exited’ my changing things in Screentime properly – which is why it was maybe not picking-up/‘saving’ the changes I had made.

I will follow-up with my s-i-l to see if what is switched on that side – but suspect this is the missing piece!

I wasn’t seeing that toggle until I turned on the passcode (at least, I think that’s what did it.) Even then, it seemed to take a second. Just FYI, it might be hidden at first glance.

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