How to download/save file directly to Devonthink?

Hi, just starting with DEVONthink and have few questions.

  1. how people are saving download files directly to a DEVONthink group or inbox?
  2. How to move a file completely from FINDER to DEVONthink database? Drag and drop copy the file in the DEVONthink but file is still in finder folder and now i am thinking that i am creating two version of same file and eventually will have issue on which is latest version n all.
  3. Any other best practices around file management between your finder folders vs DEVONthink database/groups?


Have a look here: DEVONthink: stuck at the bottom of the hill

Here is another, and another response, that might help!?

I answered more or less what you are asking.
There are also other replies inside this thread that give further tips.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Devonthink forums - there are plenty of topics on this question.

If I remember correctly, holding down CMD while dragging into DTPO/the dock icon, imports the file. Holding down CMD+OPT while dragging, indexes the file.

But as mentioned, there really are many ways to do this, and the rest are far better, in my opinion, compared to dragging - so have a read through the thread above, that I linked to.

Also, in DTPO under Preferences/Import, at the bottom of the window, you can set – under “Destination” – whether you want the files to automatically go to the Global Inbox, or the Inbox of the current DB, or it will pop-up a window, and ask where you want the files.
I have it set to the last option, since I like to choose at the outset, but this will depend on how you want to do things!
Hold down