How to fax from Mac OS

I have to fax documents occasionally for my business. Any suggestions regarding faxing PDFs? I don’t fax enough to justify a subscription. I’m hoping someone else found a solution. I miss when we had a modem and could basically print to fax.

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I set up an efax account and use that on need basis. You can choose similar services to suit your needs

I haven’t used it for a long time, by go-to was always Genius Fax, from the same guys as the iOS scanning app Genius Scan.

I used ifax . It looks like you can still pay as you go for individual faxes if the app store version is correct. That is the way I used it


I would also have a look for the printer in use, and the router, as some of them are able to Fax.

I’ve used some. I have to fax a couple things maybe 1-2 times a quarter and it’s fine. I just pay as needed since it’s so infrequent.

I’ve used SRFax when I had a number of medical and legal papers to fax away; it has a HIPAA feature, and you can also secure it with OpenPGP. I came across SimpleFax the other day… I have not used it yet, but the premise looks good enough…

I’ve used Faxzero several times. It’s free (up to three pages + cover) or $2.09 per fax (up to 25 pages + cover).

Online fax services: There are several online fax services that allow you to fax PDFs directly from your computer, such as HelloFax, eFax, and MyFax. These services usually require you to create an account and then upload the PDFs you want to fax.