How to filter Twitter feed?

Hi MPUers, is there a way to filter my twitter feed to only show tweets from certain individuals? Right now it also shows tweets from others that I don’t follow.

Open to an iOS or macOS app, but don’t wanna see other tweets.

PS: Reeder used to do that for me, but twitter shutdown their API access

For this, I would use the lists feature on Twitter itself.

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Thank you. I didn’t know that feature existed in Twitter. However, I do notice that when I add a profile to a list, it doesn’t show all the tweets/retweets that profile has made. When I go to that profile, it shows all the tweets/retweets.

In the iOS app (the Mac app is abandonware I believe) there are two headings “For you” and “Following”. It used to remain on the last one you used, but recently they (again) force you back to “For you” from time to time. No matter, just tap “Following” again.

The “Following” view shows you only tweets from people you follow plus ads. This is how I have always used Twitter (it was easier with third party apps) and will continue to until they remove the feature entirely, at which point it’s game over and I delete it.

BTW, I was astonished to learn from those who had migrated to Mastodon (where “only those you follow” is one of the many options) that people did not know this was possible on Twitter. For my part, I was astonished that people ever enjoyed Twitter any other way.