How to finalize a DVD?

Hello all,
I have a whole bunch of DVD’s recorded on a old DVD-recorded. The recorder is dead and I didn’t ”finalize” the discs.

Now I am trying to find some software that can read those discs and ”save” the content to be put on a hard drive instead.

Any ideas for a good software that can solve this nightmare?

Toast from Roxio has software for creating DVDs. I think there are others but I cannot remember them at the moment.

With regard to finalising the discs, I think you might have to use the software you initially used to make the discs. I am not sure if one piece of software can finalise discs created in another program. However, it is that long since I created a DVD I could well be wrong.

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My problem is that those machines are long gone ;.(
My biggest problem is that the discs does not mount.
Perhaps beacuse of that the mac doesn’t understand whats on the disc without third part software.
I’ve found this for PC, but that’s a different story: