How to find blurry / fuzzy pictures


Do you know of any tool to find blurry/fuzzy pictures in a library ?
Just to find potential pictures to be deleted manually.
In an 8000 photo library it would be a useful time saver.

I just bought PowerPhotos as recommended by David. I began to sort out the mess in my partner photos librairies. Very useful. In a few minutes I added 200 photos to her library by creating a temporary library, importing 2060 photos in a folder (last time I emptied her camera) then Merging librairies (which deleted more 1800 duplicate).

She came up with this question.
I’m just a Mac nerd, I don’t take neither have any interest in photos.
Just helping cleaning stuff.

Photos with low file sizes may be small because the blurriness makes them easier to compress.

See if that can be any help.

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It looks quite complicated, but I did find this blog post which describes how to use various command line tools to compare similar images for relative blurriness.

Edit: There’s also this python library which does machine learning for blur detection

I’ve been playing with Will Brennan’s script and it seems to work pretty well!

It’s not for everyone but my rule for photos is they only get deleted if they are completely unrecognisable. Even then they may not get deleted unless I come across them in the right mood.

I may end up with more photos but I am nowhere close to running out of space and I save the angst of deciding what to delete.

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I looked at the package content of the .photolibrary sorted by size. The lowest file sizes are sharp photos with a lot of the photo being only one color. Also, some have part of the image sharp and some regions blurry (just normal focus choice - pictures almost come from a “real” camera). But indeed it may help finding too dark photos and some blurry ones to trash. Thanks.

yes, quite complicated. But it’s not a surprise to me. Thanks. I looked at ImageMagik. Not sure if I’ll go further down this rabbit hole, but I found : AND
for those who are more Power Users than me.
Seems to be a business opportunity for a developper to add such tools in a user friendly app …
Maybe. Thanks.

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Actually the ImageMagick trick looks pretty promising. The problem, depending on which macOS version you’re on, might be relating the photos’ “names” (i.e. how a photo is identified in to the actual filename. If you’re on Catalina, these identifiers are not the same :frowning_face: I’m not sure when this change took place.