How to find photos in iPhone based on their description

In the iPhone I opened a photo, tapped Edit, then the Markup icon (looks like a pen tip), then + and “Description”.

Entered “glasses power”.

Pressed Done a couple of times to apply the change.

Now back in the list of all the photos, I tap Search and searched for power. No results.

Any idea if this is supposed to work? If not, is there a way to search for photos based on some notes/text/description that I can enter?

If possible, I’d like to do this w/o using the Photos app on the Mac. I do not have iCloud Photos on.

Thanks in advance.

Search by captions is working. That will do for now.


Another way to add a caption to a photo is to swipe up, tap in the “Add a caption” field and begin typing.

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I’m still disappointed with search in Photos but hoping this improves. It’s now supposed to recognize all the text within photos (OCR) in your library I think but I haven’t had a chance to properly test it.

Searching for photos is weird on iOS.

  • If I search “market” in Photos, it shows me photos taken inside grocery stores.
  • If I search “market” in Spotlight, it shows me photos of the Public Market Center sign atop Pike’s Market in Seattle under “Text Found in Photos”.
    • Then under “Photos”, it shows photos from a wedding I went to 18 years ago - but those photos are not the grocery store photos.
    • And if I tap “Search in App”, it launches Photos, takes me to the grocery store photos and doesn’t show me the wedding photos.
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