How To Find Which Screen An App Is On?

Yet again I find myself reorganising the apps on my iPad.

Am I missing something or is there no way to find an app on one of the screens of the iPad?

Yes, I can verify it’s installed by typing its name. But I often find it hard to locate it to move it to eg the new improved first page in iPad OS 13.

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You can just drag the app out of the search results to start moving it to wherever you want it to be.


Since when? And that wouldn’t work on iOS on iPhone, by the way.

It’’s possible in iPad OS 13, and I think was possible in iOS 12, (but I don’t have a device to check). To do it:

  1. Do a spotlight search for the app in question.
  2. Press on the app long enough so it does the little bounce, and immediately start dragging it. (If you get to the point of seeing the pop-up menu, you’ve taken too long. Just tap out of the menu and try again.)
  3. While dragging the app, tap to “Cancel” the spotlight search. The apps should now be in rearrange mode and you should be able to drop it whereever you want.

And you’re right. This doesn’t work on iPhones.