How to Fix Loose USB-C Connection to 2017 MBP?

I seem to recall reading somewhere on this forum about a solution for a loose connection between the USB-C power plug and the MacBook. I searched but could not find the thread.

My problem is that the USB-C power plug is very loose on all four of my USB-C ports on the MBP. If I make the slightest movement the connection is lost and the MBP is no longer charging and my screen dims.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to inexpensively address this problem?


EDIT: This seems to be a common problem.

Make sure the socket(s) are clear of dust etc.

Thanks. I just made sure. Because this is an issue on all four of the MBP ports and happens regardless of the power plug I use, I suspect that over time the port openings have slowly been “eroded”, for lack of a better word, and no longer hold a plug securely. I’m hoping there is small inconspicuous adapter that works well.

I’ve previously posted this. I haven’t used them myself (yet).

@JohnAtl Yes, that’s what I recall seeing, thanks! I’ll check it out. I will say I rather hate the idea of something like that sticking out the side of my MBP.

PS: Do you think this would work? Now that I have the right words to use, I’m finding more options in my search:


I found an adapter that works extremely well. It fits tightly into the MBP and has a magnetic attachment so one can leave the adapter in but easily remove the charging cord. The quality is top notch.