How to get Hazel to sort pictures to year/month/ folder structure?



I am stuck with this automation question. I huge amount of digital pictures from year 1997 and would like to merge everything to two level folder structure like

Dropzone/ …

You get the idea…

Dropzone is the root folder of this structure.

Idea is to drop all the images I can find to Dropzone -root folder and let the Hazel to move, sort and throw duplictes away correctly.

When dropping file to Dropzone:

  1. Hazel renames image-files based on EXIF -information.
  2. Hazel sors them to subfolders based on their modification date throwing duplicates away.

Everything works fine on the single folder level. I can sort my pictures to folders using year_month naming like:

Problem with that is that every sub folder are on the same level creating long list of folders since 1997. I would like to add one more folder level; year so it would be easier to navigate and use.

I tried to create another Hazel rule that sorts created folders based on the year on their name. That also works fine till I add new pictures to dropzone. Adding new pictures will create another folder 1997_01 and now the following folder sorter role can not merge two folders correctly.

Is there any way to make Hazel to sort my images directly to this Year/Month/ structure and cope with duplicates as neatly as it does on the single folder level?


Have you tried using the “sort into subfolder” action within Hazel? Macsparky has an example of non-image files, but that might give you enough ideas to get going.

If you need more help, let me know. I have a (differently-named) drop folder that renames and then subfolder-sorts my images. It’s quite nice!