How to have Spotlight open websites in Safari and have Mac Passwords fill in the user ID and password?

I’m looking at leaving 1Password, thinking the Mac’s native solution is all I need. However, I don’t want to lose the ability to invoke Alfred (or Spotlight) and type a few keys to see the website I want to log into, hit return, and have Safari open the page and automatically enter the user ID and password.

It seems that even though the Keychain contains the URLs I imported from 1Password, Spotlight doesn’t see those URLs, so it won’t offer them in search results. However, if those URLs for login pages are in Safari’s bookmarks, it does perform (in both Alfred and Spotlight) much like my old 1P setup.

So it looks like I need to get all those URLs out of the passwords settings and into Safari. Does that sound right?

I’ve exported the URLs to a csv file. I was thinking I would put them all in a “Passwords URLs” bookmark folder. How can I get them from the csv file to Safari bookmarks? I’d want both the website name and the URL.