How to invoke dictation on iPad when using 3rd party keyboard?

hi MPU – Does anyone know how to do this? I use a Logitech Create keyboard on 12.9" iPad Pro.

I know that bringing up the software keyboard usually (but not always) shows the dictation button.

But, that’s an extra step, and it would be nice if there was an iOS supported shortcut for third party keyboards.

I also have the Apple Smart Keyboard, but there doesn’t seem to be a shortcut there either…

While I don’t have a Create keyboard,
using the Smart Keyboard, I press the down
arrow and then hold the “down arrow” on the
iPad bottom extreme right, which brings up the
on screen soft keyboard with the dictation icon
to the left of the on screen keyboard space bar

Works every time. I agree though I would like
to see a CMD-something shortcut to get there :slight_smile:

When I try this on the 10.5 with smart keyboard it brings up the virtual keyboard but without the dictation icon - oh wait, if I then scroll through the keyboards it comes up. Thanks

I don’t think you can do it. My understanding is that Apple locks out the dictation feature from third-party developers.

I had a similar problem with a third party software keyboard on my iPad. When I asked the developer about it, he told me Apple does not allow access to keyboard dictation for security reasons. I think the same policy applies to hardware keyboards as well.

This is another bring up soft keyboard on my iPad. Not exactly answering the question…

Logitech K811 has a toggle software keyboard button in top row of controls. So long as you are set to pull up stock soft keyboard you are good to go.